About the Authors

Multi-published, best-selling author Ruth Logan Herne loves God, her family, her country, kids, dogs, coffee and chocolate. Married for a very long time, she and her husband Dave live on a small farm in upstate New York with a steady stream of people in and out the side door daily. Mother of six with a seventh she may or may not have borrowed from her very nice older sister, she and Dave have fourteen grandchildren.
An experienced storyteller, Ruth has also worked as a crisis interventionist in a special education program for nine years, and has run her own small, in-home daycare for the last ten years. She loves kids, loves imaginations (understandably, because she has all these strange people living in her head!) and enjoys collaborating with her daughter Beth on this series. You can find Ruthy at ruthloganherne.com, on facebook as Ruth Logan Herne and she's a contributing member of Seekerville and the Yankee Belle Cafe with a host of other wonderful inspirational authors.

Free-lance editor, photographer, and mother of four, Beth Jamison was pretty sure she'd kicked the dust of farm dirt off her shoes years ago when she graduated from the University of Rochester. She was tired of mud, dirty clothes and stinky animals, but then she became the mother of three little boys and what do little boys love? Mud, dirty clothes and stinky animals! Once Beth realized she was doomed, what choice did she have? Married to a wonderful man she met while doing a year of volunteer youth ministry for NET ministries out of Minnesota, Beth dragged him to upstate New York and has almost made him a Yankees fan. Key word: almost. You can find Beth on facebook as Beth Jamison or under Jamison Editing. She doesn't cook, but she's real glad her husband and mother do.