Finn, The Farm, The Family...

We like to have fun on the farm, and everywhere we go!

We love to celebrate good times and be together during rough times.

We are an American family, filled with kids, mud, animals, runny noses, lots of diapers and a lovely faith that God will see us through.

This is us at present... Dave, holding Lena Ruth then (back row) Katie, Emma, Ruthy (holding Morgan and Finn) MacKenzie, Logan and Nathan. Front row: Dave with Lena, Anna, Annie, Mary Ruth, David, Eli and Xavier. Xavier is not a big fan of clothes at present. :)

We like kids. We hope that shows in everything we do.  We've got a 50 acre farm in upstate New York. Grandpa just retired from his full time job to work the farm, so there will be plenty of farm adventure stories coming! Stories to seed the imagination...

Baby chicks day of arrival!
Learning about baby chicks.... Baby chicks can't go right into the chicken pen. We have to keep them safe and warm for weeks and weeks!

And this is what the baby chicks look like when they grow up! They are chickens that lay eggs!

We grow all kinds of vegetables to sell, but pumpkins are one of our favorites!

Everybody helps pick pumpkins. Big pumpkins and little pumpkins....

We make cookies and bread and sell them, too. A farm kitchen is a busy place!

In summer, we bake for customers.... But in winter? It's a different kind of busy!

Making pretend soup is especially fun when you can empty all the cupboards!

We have creatures in trees....

And rugged cowboys, riding the range...

And why do we do all this?

Because an imagination is a wonderful, God-given thing, so precious and infinite.

We're so glad you're here! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and see us, meet us, and check out Finn's family and friends.

We're goofy.

But we're kinda fun, too!